Patrick Kueng Wins the Men's Super-G at Beaver Creek

Swiss racer Patrick Kueng took first place in the Men's Super-G that included a rare four-person podium celebration.
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Patrick Kueng (SUI)

Nobody was faster than Bode on the top parts of the course.
What Bode Said:

Bode Miller
After yesterday I told my technician, I told the coaches, I said, ‘I’m going today. There’s not going to be any holding back.’ I like run number two. At that point you don’t have a course report. That’s the only disadvantage so you might as well give it everything you’ve got. I was skiing really well.
That mistake was just unfortunate really. You can see the group of people standing on the right on Harrier jump. The gate is actually against the banners there. It’s a red gate against a red background and you just can’t see it. I wouldn’t make that mistake but one time out of 20. It sucks to make it on a day where I ski that clean on the top. The way I came down off the pitch and even down by Screech Owl–I don’t think anyone can beat that.

Today I showed myself that I could take that kind of risk with no course report and no video analysis. On a brand new hill you don’t know what the speed is like. There are three really blind turns that are pretty nasty at high speeds on the top. I hit all three of them within a foot of where I wanted to be at full speed. For me that’s really encouraging. That’s what I expect of myself, but I’ve messed that up a lot. I always get a little too aggressive or miss the timing. Yesterday and today I hit the timing really well, so I think that’s really encouraging.

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