Ted Ligety, Bode Miller, First and Second in GS

Ted Ligety (USA)

Ted Ligety (USA) and Bode Miller (USA) finished in positions one and two in the giant slalom race at Beaver Creek.  Ligety dominated the race with a winning margin of 1.3 seconds and was his fourth consecutive World Cup giant slalom victory and his third straight in Beaver Creek.

Bode Miller (USA)                            Ted Ligety (USA)                             Marcel Hirscher (AUT)

Ted Ligety
I've always loved this hill. It's great to have my family and friends here for this. I'm just so psyched to get a win.
The conditions were tough. The visibility is really tough. There’s so much snow in the track. You couldn’t really tell where the good snow was and where the soft snow was. That was definitely an issue but it was kind of the same for everybody so it was what it was and you just went for it.
Sharing the podium with Bode is awesome. I’m a little bit surprised, actually. He probably doesn’t like it when I say that, but it’s impressive how he was able to bring his intensity up and put down some impressive runs. That’s cool to be able to have another American guy challenging me up there. Him having the speed he had today was impressive, so it’s going to be a matter of whether he can pull the consistency off. So you don’t know until you’re several races in.

Ted Ligety (USA)

Bode Miller
Even though I maybe took a little too much risk and made some mistakes, I really wanted to ski 100 percent. That’s why I did the work I did in the summer. I’m ready to ski as hard as I can now, and I think to be able to beat somebody like Ted, that’s what you have to do. You have to be able to go absolutely 100 percent top to bottom with no mistakes and no fatigue. Today the fitness is there. Without the mistakes we’ll be there.

This is a tough hill to make speed on and to try to close a gap. So I knew after the first run that it was probably unlikely to beat Ted. He’s just a really clutch performer in those kind of situations. I wanted to make sure that when I got to the finish line I at least let him know that I was coming for him and that there’s no coasting.